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Requirements for obtaining a Marriage License

Both parties must appear (a proxy may apply for one of the parties, please check with clerk)
*Submit proof of identity and age, per 2.005 of the Texas Family Code 
*Both parties must be at least 18 years of age        

*Pay fee of $81.00; If neither party is a resident of Texas, the fee is $181.00 (proof of residence in the State of Texas must be provided) 

Present valid photo identification, issued by this State or another state, the U.S. or a foreign government for proof of ID and age, per the Texas Family Code 2.005. If photo ID is from out of the State of Texas, proof of residency in Texas must be provided.  If neither party is a Texas Resident the cost of a marriage license is $181.00.

Drivers license, military ID or passport are acceptable forms of identification.  All identification must be current.  We will not accept an expired identification.  

*Both parties must be 18 years or older
*Both parties must provide their social security number or state that they have none
*Both parties must provide all information as required on the application 
*Both parties must take the oath printed on the application and sign in the presence of the Clerk
*If an applicant is unable to appear personally before the Clerk, any adult person or the other applicant may apply on behalf of the applicant.  The person applying on behalf of the absent applicant shall provide the clerk with a properly executed absent applicant affidavit.  A copy of the absent applicant's ID should be brought in along with the proxy form.

If either applicant is divorced the divorce must have been final for 30 days prior to obtaining a new marriage license unless the applicant has a court order waiving the 30 day period.

There is a 72 hour waiting period once a couple has obtained a marriage license.  This means that the couple cannot get married until that 72 hour waiting period is over.  The only way to waive the 72 hour waiting period is per a Judge's order or if one of the applicants is on active military duty or the couple completes the "Twogether in Texas" program and presents the certificate of completion.  The license is good for 90 days from issuance -  except for the first 72 hours.

                                            "Twogether in Texas" Program
Couples completing the State Approved Pre-marital Education Course may have the formal license fee reduced to $21.00 and the 72-hour waiting period waived by presenting the state-issued course completion certificate when applying for the license.  Please visit www.twogetherintexas.com to locate classes in your area.

                                             Informal Marriage Licenses (Common Law)
The County Clerk's office also issues Declaration of Informal Marriage Licenses, sometimes referred to as a Common Law Marriage License.  The cost is $46.00.  Both parties must be present to apply; no proxies are allowed per the Texas Family Code. Current, valid identification must be provided, along with Social Security number.  Informal Marriage Licenses may not be recognized by the Federal Government or other entities.  Both parties must be at least 18 years of age.

                                             Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses
The County Clerk's office has marriage records from 1837 to the present.  Marriage records are public and anyone wishing to obtain a copy may do so.  The cost of a certified copy is $7.00.  Only certified copies may be issued.  A request for a copy may be made in person or by sending payment along with the names and date of marriage to:  Washington County Clerk, 100 E. Main, Suite 102, Brenham, TX  77833.

The clerk's office also has index information available online at www.edoctecinc.com.


To order a certified copy of a Marriage License online - https://washingtontx.permitium.com/rod


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