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Certified copies of birth certificates are $23.00 each. 

If you are needing a birth certificate to obtain a passport, please contact your county of birth as you will need to submit a "long form" birth certificate, issued by the county of your birth, for the passport office.

For those born in Washington County - birth records from 1903 to present are available. Some births prior to 1903 were filed as Delayed Birth Certificates (records filed more than 1 year after birth).

To obtain a birth certificate by mail: complete the  Application and mail to: Washington County Clerk, 100 E. Main Street, Suite 102, Brenham, TX  77833.  Please include a copy of your valid ID.
(NOTE:  The application must be notarized, if requesting by mail.)

For those born in other Texas Counties - Abstract Birth Certificates can be accessed by the County Clerks' Office via the state remote system.  The remote site access begins in 1926.  Anyone needing a birth certificate prior to 1926 must contact the county of birth.  Remote access is not available for those having a Delayed Birth Certificate.  If you need a birth certificate to obtain a passport, you must contact the vital records office in the county of your birth as a "long form" birth certificate is required. 

For those born outside of Texas - contact the Department of Health in the State of Birth.

For those born in foreign countries who are U.S. citizens at birth - contact Passport Services, Vital Records Section, U.S. Department of State, 1111 19th Street NW, Suite 510, Washington DC 20522-1705.

Who can purchase a Birth Certificate? Qualified applicants are defined as the person named on the certificate, mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, grandparent, legal guardian or legal representative.  Applicants must provide valid identification. 

For applicants who may want to apply for their birth record online with our office, go to -  https://washingtontx.permitium.com/rod

NOTE:  Birth records are considered "closed" for 75 years, except to qualified applicants.  Certified copies only are issued.  

The Washington County Clerk's office has index information for Birth Certificates available at www.edoctecinc.com

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