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Civil Case Information



County Court at Law Civil Fee Schedule as of 1-1-2022


Filing New Civil Case


Local Service (each)


Issuance of Citation


Jury Fee


Issuance of Writ


Issuance of Abstract of Judgment


Issuance of Subpoena


Issuance of Show Cause Order


Issuance of Precept to Serve


Local Service of Writ (within Washington County)


Filing a new Non-Disclosure Case

Action within an existing case, such as Contest, CounterClaim, Cross Action or Third Party Action $80.00
Application for Writ of Garnishment $365.00

Non-Disclosure Civil Case Filing Fees


Prepare Bill of Costs

Filing a new Occupational Drivers' License Case                                                                                      $350.00
    - must add the cost of 2 certified copies ($1 per page + $5 certification)

** Please submit a cover letter with instructions for all filings**                

Those wishing to file a civil case are encouraged to seek legal counsel as the clerk's office is only the filing office and cannot give legal advice, per Govt. Code 81.101.

Information on Filing a Petition for Nondisclosure -  http://www.txcourts.gov/rules-forms/forms.aspx

Information on filing for an Occupational Driver's License - http://texaslawhelp.org/

    (Legal Information & Forms, Lawyer Referral, Legal Aid, Law Library)

PLEASE NOTE:  Fees paid to the Clerk of the Court are not refundable.  Please review your documents carefully before filing a new case or documents and fees are paid.  The Clerk cannot make a legal determination if you are filing in the correct court or the correct county.  If you have any legal questions, please seek the advice of an attorney.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2016 - By order of the Texas Supreme Court, all new Civil cases, filed by a licensed attorney, must be E-filed with Washington County.  Any subsequent filings by the attorney, must also be E-filed, unless they are presented in Court during a scheduled hearing. 

Helpful Hints for E-filing

E-filing Frequently Asked Questions

The Washington County Clerk's office has some Civil Records online on www.idocket.com website. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (979) 277-6200.




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