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General Rules of Attire and Conduct in Justice Courts

Do Not Wear:
1. Shorts or cut-offs;
2. Muscle shirts, clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene, or suggestive words or slogans or graphics;
3. Any kind of hat, pullover or cap;
4. Torn, ragged, or dirty clothing; or,
5. Anything that would provoke emotion or disrupt the Court proceedings.


You may represent yourself in Justice Court. This is called "pro se" (appearing for oneself).  The defendant should be prepared to present the case to the Court in a proper manner.  In criminal cases, the State will be represented by the County Attorney.  It is your responsibility to understand how to present evidence and how you prove and present your case.  The Court is not permitted to assist you.
1. Be on Time.
2. Rise when the Judge enters the courtroom and remain standing until the Judge or bailiff announces "be seated".
Rise when the Judge leaves the bench.
3. Do not argue with the Judge.
4. Always address the Court as "Judge" or "Your Honor".
5. Only approach the bench after receiving the Judge's permission.
6. Do not chew gum in the courtroom or enter the courtroom with food or beverage.
7. All pagers and cellular phones must be OFF or in quiet mode.
8. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the courtroom.