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Juvenile Probation

Chief Probation Officer 
Fernando Rodriguez, Jr.


Phone: 956.765.9142
Fax: 956.765.9934
Physical Address & Mailing Address
200 E. 7th Avenue, Ste. 347
Zapata, TX 78076

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Zapata County Juvenile Probation Department is to intervene in the lives of children placed under probation supervision by the Juvenile Court and to provide services that are intended to rehabilitate and prevent further penetration into the Juvenile Justice System. Through its staff and programs, the Juvenile Probation Department will encourage family support and endeavor to keep children in their own community, whenever possible. Each child and his/her family will be treated with respect and dignity while clear expectations for acceptable behaviors are given.
All services will be provided equally, with no regard given to race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual orientation, or color.

The Juvenile Probation Office is located on the 3rd Floor of the Zapata County Courthouse.


Juvenile Probation Staff

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer: Fernando Rodriguez, Jr. 
Juvenile Probation Officer: Gabriela Navarro
Juvenile Probation Officer: Monica Benavidez
Juvenile Probation Officer: Jose Luis Morales, Jr.
Support Personnel: Genoveva Buruato

Juvenile Board Members

The Honorable 49th District Judge Jose A. Lopez
49th District Juvenile Court Judge

Juvenile Judge
The Honorable County Judge Joe Rathmell

Juvenile Master/Referee 
Attorney Ricardo H. Soliz