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Code Enforcement

Phone: 956.765.6201
Fax: 956.765.6186

Physical Address:

2505 N. U.S. Hwy 83
Zapata, TX 78076

Mailing Address:

2316 STOP 23A
Zapata, TX 78076

This department provides supervision of compliance with all ordinances passed by the Commissioners Court dealing with abandoned lots and buildings.

Available upon request is a listing of local businesses and/or individuals who will assist in clearing local lots for a fee. The Zapata County Code Enforcement department does not negotiate pricing for cleanup nor will employees make recommendations from the available listings.

Code Enforcement is a division of the Zapata County Environmental Department. Their office is located at the Animal Control Shelter at 2505 N U.S. Hwy 83.


Approved in Commissioners Court May 9, 2011


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