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Justice of the Peace Pct. 4


Justice H.R. “Bob” Riley

Justice H.R. “Bob” Riley, has been holding office as Justice of the Peace in Blanco County, Precinct 4, since March of 2004. He has been employed with Blanco County since the 1990’s, previously in law enforcement and also as Constable for Precinct 4. Before working in Blanco County, Judge Riley worked law enforcement for Bexar and Comal counties. Judge Riley loves Blanco County and has lived here for 45 years, raising three boys; Robbie, Clint and Charles, all 3 attended school in Blanco. Judge Riley has owned a tractor business, auction business, BBQ and steakhouse restaurants and a BBQ sauce and seasoning business, and now raises Belties (lovingly known as oreo cows) with his wife of nine years, Sheri Riley.   

The Justice Courts in Texas rule over 4 Civil Courts within the Justice Court; evictions, debt collections, small claims, and landlord/tenant disputes. The amount in controversy cannot exceed $10,000.00. It is considered the people’s court, and many suits are handled without an attorney. Additionally, the Justice of the Peace may issue arrest and search warrants, and presides over many types of hearings; however, the only criminal cases filed in this court are Class C misdemeanors. Justices of the Peace are on call 24/7 to conduct magistrate hearings and inquests. Judge Riley is pleased to serve his constituents and community. 

Office Hours: Mon. thru Fri. - 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, 1:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m


        P. O. BOX 596
        BLANCO, TEXAS 78606

                                       402 BLANCO AVENUE
                                       BLANCO, TEXAS 78606

OFFICE PHONE: (830) 833-4212                        OFFICE FAX:  (830) 833-2667
EMAIL: blancojp4@co.blanco.tx.us 


This Court does not accept Civil suits via email.  Original documents may be submitted by first class mail to:  Blanco County, P. O. Box 596, Blanco, Texas 78606; or in person.  Office hours are 8:30 am to 12 noon, and 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Mon. thru Fri.  The office has only one clerk, so if you wish to come in person, call the clerk at 830-833-4212 to make sure the office is open before traveling a long distance.

If you wish to represent yourself in a civil suit, you may visit this website for assistance, or you can download the information packets below.

You may only pay your traffic citations IN FULL online by using MasterCard or VISA only (American Express & Discover are not accepted).  Partial payments, Driver Safety Course payments, or Deferral payments and partial payments must be done by calling the office.  Credit card payments cannot be posted for three business days.  If you are trying to renew your driving license and pay with credit card, anticipate at least five business days before your license can be renewed.

All Class C Traffic violations require submission of written plea, postmarked by the appearance date on the citation. 

Judge Riley requires a driver safety course with 3 page report as a part of deferral orders, a deferral fee, and a six month probation. Submit your request with copy of driver license and proof of liability insurance.  All deferral requests must be approved by the judge.  If approved, a copy of the order will be mailed to you, and you will have 30 days to submit the deferral fee and court cost.  

If you have not taken a driver safety course within the past 12 months and are therefore eligible for a normal driver safety course and you would like to be able to take a class you must answer all the questions True or False in section B of the reply form, have your affidavit notarized, and submit the reply form with copy of driver license, proof of liability insurance and a type 3A driver record obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety postmarked by appearance date.   

Once you submit the reply form with required documents for a driver safety class, you have 90 days from the appearance date on your citation to submit the court certificate of completion.   Driver's safety course requests must include cashier's check or money order for $132.10.

If you wish to pay by credit card, your documents must be received by the court postmarked by the appearance date before the clerk will accept your payment.  Allow ample time for the court to process your request before calling with your credit card payment, or, you may indicate on your reply form that you'd like the clerk to call you for your credit card payment of $132.10.

You will have to choose a driver safety class from the website in Section C of the reply form.  www4.esc13.net/drivers.  When you choose your driver safety class, which you can take online, you will need to pay their cost for the class, and BE SURE TO INDICATE YOU ARE TAKING THE CLASS FOR BLANCO COUNTY JUSTICE COURT PCT. 4.  If the certificate says municipal court or any other court I cannot accept it.

If you did not receive a court reply form, you may download by clicking on Court Reply Form below.


Be sure to mail all correspondence to Blanco County, P. O. Box 596, Blanco, Texas 78606.