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Visit VINELink  to check the custody status of your Offender.

TO ADD MONEY TO AN INMATE'S BOOKS, CLICK HERE: https://www.accesscorrections.com

It can take up to 5 business days for an inmate's account to activate. There is no way to add money until the account is activated.
The jail has no control over when updates occur to the third party website that activates accounts. Please be patient.

To reach an inmate via the tablets: https://www.gettingout.com/


Visitation time slots are assigned by housing location and will be no more than 30 minutes in duration. 

Visitors should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the listed start time with valid photo ID. Only two people are allowed to visit at one time. If more than two people wish to visit, they may swap out during the assigned time frame. Children must remain with an adult at all times.

Mondays & Saturdays Wednesdays & Sundays

A1 -- 8a or 8:30am J1 & J2 -- 8:30am

A2 -- 9am, 9:30am, or 10am Female Single Cells -- 9am

H1 & H2 -- 1pm I1 -- 9:am

  I2 -- 1:30pm Male Single Cells -- 10am

Trustee -- 2pm or 2:30pm B1 & C1 -- 1:30pm

C2 -- 3pm B2 -- 2pm

E1 & E2 -- 3:30pm D1 -- 3pm

D2 -- 3:30pm


Friends and family should send mail to:

  • Hill County Jail, TX
  • Inmate First and Last name
  • Inmate Number #
  • P.O. Box 247
  • Phoenix, MD 21131 (Maryland is the state, not Arizona)


All mail, except legal, medical, magazines and newspapers, should be sent to the above-listed address. 


Any mail that is sent to P.O. Box 247 Phoeniz, MD 21131 for processing will NOT be returned or released. Once the mail is processed and received electronically by the inmate it will be destroyed. This includes pictures or anything else mailed to the processing facility. By sending the mail to P.O. Box 247 Phoeniz, MD 21131 you agree to the items being destroyed and understand that anything you mail to P.O. Box 247 Phoeniz, MD 21131 will not be returned or reimbursed. No legal or medical mail will be accepted.

Inmates are not allowed to receive packages. All packages will be refused.
Books may be dropped off at the Hill County Sheriff's Office for inmates who have less than 5 books in their possession/property. Only soft cover books are allowed. 


Visit VINELink  to check the custody status of your Offender.