Potter County Records Management

About the department:

This department provides services to all other departments of Potter County. The department includes Records Storage and Archives, Mail Management, Micrographics and film laboratory, film scanning, records destruction through shredding, Potter County information telephone answering service, information questions, and records retention schedule development.  The department consists of a director with seven full time employees.

When Potter County history questions arise, people are usually directed to this department.  Besides being able to locate any of the official records of the county, the current director has been an employee of Potter County for over thirty years and has been a witness to history dating back to the 70’s.  Copies of many articles written about the county over the years, plus copies of pictures (including a copy of one of the first newspapers of Amarillo) are included in the historical information.

Our operation includes over thirty five thousand boxes, rolls of microfilm and blueprints that the county has produced and stores. All of these records are bar-coded and tracked on our electronic system within the department.

Bobbi Brown, Department Head

500 South Fillmore Street, Suite 702
Amarillo, TX 79101

Phone: (806)379-2247

Email: information@co.potter.tx.us