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Ballot by Mail


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Who can vote by mail

You are eligible to vote early by mail if you are a registered voter who is:

65 Years of Age or Older


Expected to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day

Expected Absence from the County (You may apply for a ballot for one election and its resulting runoff, if your dates of absence from the county include both elections)

Confined in Jail or Involuntary Civil Commitment (You may only apply for a ballot for one election and any resulting runoff)

To vote by mail, you may request an annual ballot for the calendar year (Some exceptions apply.)

Submitting Ballot by Mail Application

Sign and date your application - If you were unable to sign the application and someone witnessed your signature or If someone helped you complete the application or mailed the application for you that person must complete Section 11.

Deliver to Early Voting Clerk - You may submit your application via these methods:

In Person: Only the applicant may submit their application in person to the Early Voting Clerk until the early voting period begins. However, after the early voting period begins for an election, the applicant may only submit their application via mail, common contract carrier, fax, or e-mail.

By Mail: You may mail your application via the U.S. Postal Service.

By Common Contract Carrier: You may submit via a common or contract carrier which is a bona fide, for profit carrier.

By Fax: You may fax your application to the Early Voting Clerk at (903) 454-7905.

By E-Mail: You may e-mail a signed, scanned image of your application to the Early Voting Clerk at jash@huntcounty.net.

IF YOU FAX OR E-MAIL YOUR APPLICATION TO THE EARLY VOTING CLERK, YOU MUST ALSO MAIL THE APPLICATION SO THAT THE CLERK RECEIVES IT NO LATER THAN THE FOURTH BUSINESS DAY AFTER THE DAY THE CLERK RECEIVED YOUR FAXED OR EMAILED APPLICATION. If you fax or e-mail your application by the deadline noted below, your application will be considered complete and timely as long as the original is received by the early voting clerk by the fourth business day after it was submitted by fax or e-mail.


Who can use the Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) and why?

  • Active duty military, spouses, and dependents (voting from outside the home Texas county)
  • U. S. Citizens (nonmilitary) temporarily overseas* away from the home Texas county
  • U. S. Citizens (nonmilitary) permanently overseas* away from the (previous) home
  • Texas county Federal law defines “overseas” as anywhere outside the United States. If you are not one of these voters, you need the regular early voting by mail application.

How may you send the (completed signed) FPCA?

  • Hard copy by mail
  • Common or contract carrier
  • Fax at (903) 454-7905
  • E-mail (scanned image of signed form) at jash@huntcounty.net


NOTE: If an FPCA is faxed, then the applicant must submit the original application by mail to the early voting clerk so that the early voting clerk receives the original no later than the 4th business day after receiving the faxed FPCA.


For more information on the ballot by mail and FPCAs,
call us at (903) 454-5467, fax (903) 454-7905 or email: jash@huntcounty.net.