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County Judge

Judge Dan Mueller

Address: 151 North Washington St., Room 301
La Grange, TX  78945
Office Phone: (979) 968-6469
Fax Number: (979) 968-8621
E-mail: cassie.austin@co.fayette.tx.us, County Court Administrator

The County Judge of Fayette County, Texas serves as the presiding officer of the Commissioners Court, in addition to being the judge of the county court.   These are two separate and distinct positions of authority.  He also performs diverse administrative duties in his own name and title relating to such matters as the conduct of elections, liquor licenses, guardianships, probating of wills, competency hearings, juvenile matters, occupational drivers licenses, along with preparation of the budget.  The County Judge also presides over civil jurisdiction matters not exceeding $20,000.00.

The County Judge is provided for in article V, section 15 of the Constitution.  He is looked upon as the chief executive official in county government.


Services Offered

Office Duties

  • Indigent Health Care Program- medical needs
  • School Census Records
  • Fayette County road maps sold in this office
  • Septic system permits issued
  • Rural addressing signs sold through this office

Documents for Guardianships

Bill of Rights for Persons Under Guardianship
Duties as Guardian of a Person
Duties as Guardian of the Estate
Court Ordered Instructions for Guardian of the Person
Court Ordered Instructions for Guardian of the Estate
Court Ordered Instructions for Guardian of the Person and the Estate
Report on the Condition and Well-being of a Ward
Guardian's Annual Account of the Estate