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Precinct 1 Constable
William Roensch

Address: 1646 N Jefferson St.
La Grange, TX  78945
Phone: (979) 968-3648

Precinct 2 Constable

Roger Wunderlich

Address: P.O. Box 458
Fayetteville, TX  78940
Phone: (979) 378-2573

Precinct 3 Constable

Robert Chambers

Address: P.O. Box 404
Flatonia, TX  78941
Phone: (361) 865-3500



Precinct 4 Constable

Jason Strickland

Address: 312 Paulus St.
Schulenburg, TX  78956
Phone: (979) 743-4041


A constable shall execute and return as provided by law each process, warrant, and precept that is directed to the Constable and is delivered by a lawful officer.

A constable may execute any civil or criminal process throughout the county in which the constable's precinct is located and in other locations as provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure or by any other law.

A constable expressly authorized by statute to perform any act or service, including the service of civil or criminal process, citation, notice, warrant, subpoena, or writ, may perform the act or service anywhere in the county in which the constable's precinct is located.

Regardless of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, all civil process may be served by a constable in the constable's county or in a county contiguous to the constable's county, except that a constable who is a party to or interested in the outcome of a suit may not serve any process related to the suit.

The constable shall attend each justice court held in the precinct.