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The Communications (or dispatch) Division is the heartbeat of Fayette County.  All calls that require services from the ten fire departments, five EMS units, three municipal police agencies and the Sheriff's Office come into this office.

The dispatcher on duty must answer up to eight regular phone lines, as well as 911 calls for service.  They also handle all radio traffic on five radio channels.  At the same time, they must monitor the state TLETS computer for incoming information and requests, as well as run driver's license and vehicle checks for officers.   They may also be required to give medical assistance over the phone, such as CPR instructions, even as they are paging required assistance to the location of the emergency.  Dispatchers receive special training for this duty

There is also a local computer, on which the dispatcher must keep a running log of all activity.   Other computers in the office include a rural addressing map computer, and a DTN weather computer.  The dispatch office is also responsible for monitoring Fayette County's R-U-OK system, which checks daily on individuals who need this service.

This department currently has nine full time employees:  Supervisor Kim Haba, Lisa Blaha, Renee Moreland, Christine Rognerud, Sonya Lehmann, Jackie Moree, Terrell Klimek, Sam Velasquez and Priscilla Dierschke. 

Job applications will be accepted even if all positions have been filled.   Applications remain on file for a minimum of one year. Applicants must be eligible for TCLEOSE certification.  A criminal history and background investigation will be conducted.  All necessary training will be provided by Fayette County. The Fayette County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer.

Qualified applicants may apply at the Sheriff's Office, 1646 North Jefferson, La Grange, Texas  78945.  Call (979) 968-5856 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the week for application information.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division is now accepting job applications.