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Hot Check Tips for Merchants

  • DATE - Checks must be dated on the same date they were written.  Postdated checks cannot be prosecuted.
  • SIGNATURE - Do not accept checks that are already signed.  Check writers should sign the check in your presence.  Signature should match the printed name on the check.
  • COMPLETE ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS - This information will assist you in locating and notifying the check writer if the check is worthless.  P.O. Boxes are not adequate.
  • CONFIRM IDENTITY - It is essential that you obtain valid picture ID (Driver's License or ID Card) from the check writer.  Verify that the ID matches the check writer.  Record the ID number, race, sex, and date of birth from the ID.
  • WRITTEN AMOUNT AND NUMBERS MUST CORRESPOND - Checks with discrepancies in amounts can not be prosecuted. 
  • IDENTIFY WHO ACCEPTED THE CHECK - The clerk who accepts the check should write their initial on the check.  It is essential that we have a witness to prove the identity of the check writer

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