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Commissioners Court 
101 South Dixon Street, Gainesville, Texas 76240

Commissioners Court Rules of the Court

Schedule, Agenda, & Live Stream

If you wish to address the court regarding an agenda item or during the public comments section, please print and complete the form below.  This form must be returned to the County Judge's Office no later than 15 minutes prior to the Commissioners Court meeting.

Commissioners Court Public Participation Form

Cooke County Voting Precinct Map

Commissioner Pct. 1 Gary Hollowell: Represents Voting Pct’s 4 -6- 7
Commissioner Pct. 2 Jason Snuggs: Represents Voting Pct’s 8-10-11-22
Commissioner Pct. 3 Adam Arendt: Represents Voting Pct’s 1-3-12-17
Commissioner Pct. 4 Matt Sicking: Represents Voting Pct’s 2-18-21-33

County Roads and Rights-of-Way:

  • All structures or encroachments into a county right-of-way are potentially subject to regulation. If a structure or encroachment is deemed by the County Commissioner of the precinct to interfere with the reasonable and safe flow of traffic, then such structure or encroachment may be removed by the County at the landowners expense. Furthermore, intentionally, knowingly or recklessly obstructing a roadway is a Class B misdemeanor. 
  • Driveway Application Form: To gain access onto a county road a driveway application form must be completed and returned to the Commissioner whose precinct the road is located. 

County Judge
John O. Roane
Phone:  940-668-5435
Fax: 940-668-5440

Email Judge John Roane

Precinct 1 Commissioner
Gary Hollowell
Phone: 940-668-5481
Fax: 940-668-5527

Headshot of Gary Hollowell.

Email Commissioner Gary Hollowell

Precinct 2 Commissioner
Jason Snuggs
Phone: 940-726-3390
Fax: 940-668-5527

Headshot of Jason Snuggs.

Email Commissioner Jason Snuggs

Precinct 3 Commissioner
Adam Arendt
Phone: 940-668-5483
Fax: 940-668-5527

Headshot of Adam Arendt.

Email Commissioner Adam Arendt

Precinct 4 Commissioner
Matt Sicking

Phone: 940-668-5484
Fax: 940-668-5527

Email Commissioner Matt Sicking

2019 Guidelines and Criteria  for Reinvestment Zones

Cooke County Guidelines for Road Closing
Petition for Road Closing Form