Texas Counties Deliver
NSF - Non Sufficient Funds

If the check is an NSF Check:

1.       Send a letter to the person who signed the check, to the address on the check.  A sample fill-in-the blank letter is available here.

2.       You have the choice to send the letter to the check writer by certified mail or you can send the letter by regular mail and then complete the affidavit of service (download here), have it notarized and then send this form to our office.

3.       Wait ten (10) days to file the check with the County Attorney’s office.

4.       When the check is filed with our office you will need to file the following documents:

  1. Both the original check, or a Substitute Check obtained from the bank;
  2. Affidavit of service (you can download here), the green card from Certified Mail OR the unopened letter if mailed certified.
  3. Worthless Check Affidavit (which you can download here).
  4. Copy of the letter you sent to the hot check writer.

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