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Criminal District Attorney

Brad Stephenson
Criminal District Attorney

Serving since 2021

100 West Main
Suite 204
Eastland, Texas 76448
Phone: (254) 629-2659
Fax: (254) 629-3361

The Criminal District Attorney's Office offers vital services to victims of all crimes and endeavors to keep victims informed of their rights within the criminal justice system. Through the combined partnership of effective, professional law enforcement, active community involvement and vigorous prosecution of criminals, the Criminal District Attorney's Office works to ensure that the citizens of Eastland County continue to enjoy the safe and comfortable community they have come to know and love.     

The office of Criminal District Attorney differs from "District Attorney" in that the Criminal District Attorney represents the State of Texas in all prosecutions in both the District Court, and in all lower courts of the county. The Criminal District Attorney is an elected position with a term of office of four years.

Section 44.167 of the Govt. Code states: "The criminal district attorney of Eastland County shall attend each term and session of the district courts in Eastland County and shall represent the state in all criminal and civil cases in the courts of the county. The criminal district attorney has all the powers, duties, and privileges in Eastland County relating to criminal or civil matters involving the county or state that are conferred by law on county and district attorneys in the various counties and districts."

Frequently Asked Questions

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Setting the Record Straight on Prosecutorial Misconduct

If you have questions regarding any County/State Laws and Regulations, contact the Criminal District Attorney's office.

Criminal District Attorney:

Brad Stephenson

Assistant District Attorneys:
Paul Lewallen
Brenda Vickers

DA Investigator:
Rickye Feist

Karri Nicholson

Administrative Assistants:

Darlene Perrin
Brenda Miller