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Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  To obtain the application form for a permit to construct an on-site sewage disposal system in Trinity County, contact the County Judge's Office. Should you have any questions concerning this matter please feel free to call any of the listed Designated Representatives below. 

  County Judge's Office

Office  936-642-1746 / fax  936-642-1046

  The submitted information will be reviewed for compliance and if found in order, an Authorization to Construct will be issued. The Installer MUST have this in hand prior to beginning ANY part of system installation.  Those systems with secondary treatment (aerobic) must have an Affidavit to the Public signed, notarized, and filed at the Trinity County Clerk's office by either the Home Owner or the Installer. There must also be an attached copy of a maintenance agreement in accordance with TCEQ Rules. A copy of this agreement must be provided in addition to the permit before operation of the facility may begin. Inspections must be made before any lines or tanks are covered. Inspections should be requested at least two days prior to installation; however this may be waved by the assigned Designated Representative who will make the final inspection. 
  Designs for septic systems must meet all construction standards for on-site sewage facilities as required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. All designs must be obtained from a consultant who is a licensed Professional Engineer or a Registered Sanitarian by the State of Texas and well informed in On-Site Sewage Facility Design. Information is available on individuals that are capable of preparing such designs from the Trinity County Environmental Investigator. This design must be submitted along with the permit application. Any person other than the homeowner who installs a system must be licensed by the State of Texas as either an Installer 1 or Installer 2 depending on what type of system is being installed. In ALL cases however, the rules set forth for proper installation by TCEC. must be followed. A Site Evaluation report must be performed by a Licensed Site Evaluator prior to system design and this report must besubmitted along with the Application for permit.
An Affidavit to the Public must be completed, notarized, and recorded with the County clerk in the county in which this system is to be installed. This recorded document should accompany the application when submitted to our office for approval. The property owner will be responsible for all filing fees, and should check with the County Clerk's office in the County of installation for further information on appropriate fees and filing procedures. 
All final permits for on-site sewage facilities using this disposal method will be held until receipt by our office of a certified copy of the recorded affidavit to the public.