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258th & 411th Judicial District Adult Probation

Adult Probation Seal


258th & 411th Judicial District

Community Supervision and Corrections Department


(mailing address)

PO Box 922

Groveton, Texas  75845


Teresa Milner
 Sr. Community Supervision Officer Teressa Ray  Groveton Ofc 
 Community Supervision Officer Wanda Ryan Groveton Ofc
 Indirect Officer Carla Cannon Groveton Ofc



Groveton Office

126 First Street (Rock Building)

Groveton, Texas

Phone: (936) 642-1318

Fax: (936) 642-3207



To our clients: Our staff members are reaching out to everyone by phone, but working remotely. We are working hard to serve you and our community. So, PLEASE be sure to answer your calls even though the number may be blocked. We are sending texts to remind you of when your calls are scheduled. Deliberately refusing to answer our calls is just like failing to report!!!


Effective March 17, 2020 and until further notice, please call the Adult Probation Department at 936-642-1318 BEFORE reporting in person to the Probation Department.   Do NOT report in person unless you have already spoken to your probation officer.


To make probation payments, view fee balances and check on your next appointment date, go to the following link:



For one-time probation payment options, you may go to the link below:



To register on the above links , call the Probation Department at 936-642-1318, to obtain the required information.