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Leon County Constitutional Probate Court

eFile now is mandatory for all attorneys. Visit www.efiletexas.gov to get started.

Probate Searches:

From 1846 to 10/31/2018, please email us with your probate search request. We charge $5 search fee per name, $1 per page for copies and $1 per page to convert copy to data to email.

From 11/1/2018 forward, please go to the re:SearchTX site, register, and you can perform searches and download copies of our records. Guardianship records will NOT be available online.

Probate Fee Schedule - Effective Jan. 1, 2022

Probate Services Schedule - Effective Jan. 1, 2022

SERVICES FEE SCHEDULE - Effective Current Day

Case Type Clerk §118.052 LGC Sheriff §118.131 LGC Total
ANNUAL ACCOUNT  $          25    $          25
ANNUAL REPORT  $          10    $          12
CERT MAIL SERVICE (PROCESS)  $        104    $        104
CLAIM AGAINST ESTATE  $          10    $          10
FILING OVER 25 PAGES  $          25    $          25
FINAL ACCOUNT (W/CIT)  $          33  $        100  $        133
INVENTORY (OVR 90 DAYS)  $          25    $          25
LETTERS TESTAMENTARY  $             2    $             2
SEARCH FOR PROBATE  $             5    $             5


1) Ensure that your PDF file does not have embedded fonts.  To do this, make sure that you "Print to PDF" and save your PDF before submitting, and this will flatten the document, making it an image. If you need assistance with this, please contact eFile's Filer Support Team at 855-839-3453.

2) We do not include the citation and posting fees in our initial filing fees. So, please be sure to add in the necessary citation fees AND posting fees when e-filing with us.

3) Please file the Will as a separate lead document and not as an attachment to the application. 

4) Please populate the address fields for the applicant. If fields are blank, the envelope will be rejected.

5) Judge Ryder electronically reviews and signs his orders, so please file all proposed orders as Proposed Orders and NOT as an attachment. Please file all hearing documents NO EARLIER than 1-2 days before the hearing. 

6) Filing an Independent or Dependent Administration or Guardianship? Please file only the application in the initial filing. Once your initial filing is accepted, you may proceed with filing your motions and proposed orders. 

Have additional questions? Please call 903-536-2352 option 2 to speak with Amy Kaiser, deputy clerk. 


If you have a court-scheduled Zoom meeting, before the event, here are some requests:

  1. Please have your client(s) sign the Proof of Death and Other Facts and have it notarized Prior to the Hearing.
  2. Please eFile the Proof of Death and Other Facts, and the Proposed Order Admitting Will to Probate and Authorizing Letters Testamentary in ONE envelope. Please don't file this until 1-2 days prior to the hearing. Also, be sure to include the $2 judge's signature fee on the Proposed Order. 
  3. Judge Ryder will hold the hearing, review testimony and electronically review the Proof and Order during the hearing; I will be screen sharing the filed Will so that your applicant(s) can review the file’s Will and give testimony.
  4. If Judge Ryder admits the will to probate, he will electronically sign the Proposed Order.
  5. At that time (please, not before), please file Oath(s) in ONE envelope so that I may accept those.

If will is admitted to probate, you will receive Judge Ryder’s Court Instructions. If Judge admits the will to probate, please review and sign this form, have both clients sign this, scan it and return it to me after the hearing. (You are welcome to eFile this with the Note filing code.)

Court Policy Regarding Pro Se' Applicants - 
Effective October 23, 2014, any person filing papers dealing with probate matters or an estate must be represented by a duly licensed Texas attorney. Judge Ryder has issued a standing order prohibiting Pro Se filings in the Leon County Probate Court.  Also, we have a Pro Se handout.

Registration of Guardianships Effective June 1, 2018Senate Bill 1096, passed during the 85th Legislature, Regular Session, and will affect the appointment of guardians. The tasks associated with implementing the bill are largely the responsibility of the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) but they will also affect the courts and the clerks.  The JBCC website outlines the upcoming changes, click here to visit the JBCC web site.

New Guardian Applicants need to register with the JBCC and must complete the certification required by SB 1096. Need additional help? Here's an overview of both the registration and the certification that includes screenshots.

In accordance with Government Code Chapter 36 effective
 Sept. 1, 2016. Click here to go to the OCA Appointment and Fee Reports for Leon County Probate Court.


Here are our current Sheriff and Constable fees.