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Jury Duty


Questions about Jury Duty should first be made to the District Clerk in your county.  Please call them regarding rescheduling, exemptions or disqualification before you call the Judges’ office.

The District Clerk’s office handles rescheduling of jury duty.

If you need to contact the District Judges' office regarding a summons for jury and or grand jury in any of the 5 counties these court's serve, please email your request to:  36jury@gmail.com

Many of the 5 District Clerks have phone numbers on the jury duty notice regarding your ability to call in the week before to confirm if a jury is needed for your week, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JURY DUTY NOTICE.

**There is a Dress Code for District Court and Jury Duty:  Please dress in clothing befitting the dignity and solemnity of the court proceedings; No shorts, sleeveless tops, bare feet, t-shirts (undershirts) or rubber sandals will be allowed. 

Jury Duty Cancellation Notices