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Requests for civil setting may be made through email, telephone, US Mail or fax and should be addressed to the Court Administrator of the Court assigned the case. EMAIL is PREFFERED.


* Expedited Hearing requests, including TRO’s, should be made to the Administrator by telephone;

* No setting on a motion or pleading will be given unless the motion/pleading is on file at the time the request is received by the Administrator.

If you are filing and representing yourself in your own divorce, please click on the "Pro Se Divorce" link below to view or print the Court's Pro Se Divorce Procedures.

If the Attorney General’s Office is or was in the past involved with your family law matter, please make sure that you provide to the Clerk and the Court Administrator assigned to your divorce, the Cause number and County of that Attorney General case and the OAG number, if you do not you may delay the hearing of your matter. 
Pro Se Divorce

All family law matters must have the Family Law Standing Orders Attached.  
Click here for the latest Family Law Standing Order

36th, 156th, 343rd District Court’s contact information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 700,
Sinton, Texas 78387
  Criminal & General Court email: districtjudges@gmail.com

  Juror & Grand Juror Email requests: 36jury@gmail.com

Fax: (361)364-9410

36th Court Administrator: 
Nina DeLaGarza  - 361-318-0304
email: 36districtcourt@gmail.com 

156th Court Administrator:
Sylvia Mejias  - 361-364-9310   
email: 156districtcourt@gmail.com

343rd Court Administrator:
Jennifer Surginer  - 361-364-9310  
email: 343districtcourt@gmail.com

**Ad Litem for CPS Recertification Forms are due to the Judge's office in Sinton by
     December 18th. Forms are found on the link below.


2024 CPS Ad Litem Re-Certification Letter and Form

2024 Felony Appointment RE-Certification Letter and Form


New Request for Appointments for CPS Cases

New Attorney Request for Felony Appointments

Request for General Civil Ad Litem Appointments

CPS Attorney Fee Form

Civil Ad Litem Attorney Rotational List for the 36-156-343 District Courts
CPS Rotational Attorney Ad Litem Appointment Lists for Children and Parents