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Washington County Road & Bridge Department

Exceptions to Plat Requirement
Local Government Code 232.0015

The owners of a tract of land divides the tract into two or more parts and does not lay out streets, alleys, squares, parks, or other parts of the tract intended to be dedicated to public use or for the use of purchasers or owners of lots fronting on or adjacent to the streets, alleys, squares, parks or other parts AND:

  1. The land is used primarily for agricultural uses, or for farm, ranch, wildlife management, or timber production use {subsection (c) 2}; or
  2. The tract is divided into four or fewer parts and the parts are sold, given, or otherwise transferred to an individual who is related to the owner within the third consanguinity or affinity {subsection (e)}; or
  3. All of the lots of the subdivision are more than 10 acres in area; {subsection (f)}; or
  4. All of the lots are sold to veterans through the Veterans' Land Board Program {subsection (g)}; or
  5. The tract owned by the State or other State agency, board, or commission, or owned by the permanent school fund, or any other dedicated funds of the State {subsection (h)}; or
  6. The owner of the land is a political subdivision of the State, the land is situated in a flood plain, and the lots are sold to adjacent landowners {subsection (I)}; or.
  7. One new part is to be retained by the owner, and the other new part is to be transferred to another person who will further subdivide the tract subject to the plat approval requirements of these regulations {subsection (j)}; or.
  8. All parts of the tract are transferred to persons who owned an undivided interest in the original tract, and a plat is filed before any further development of any part of the tract {subsection (k)}. 

Washington County request a courtesy notification letter from a land owner/developer, who believes his/her division is an exception to the Platting requirements. A survey, or sketch, of the division would be helpful. The Washington County Road and Bridge Department shall forward to the appropriate Commissioner for review. Amended 12-10-02

If you do not meet the requirements for an exception
, you should contact your surveyor/engineer for your most helpful resource in the Platting Requirements.

The Road & Bridge Department has the Rules and Regulations for Subdivisions within Washington County available at $25.00 each. If you have any further questions please contact the office at (979)277-6275.