Information Technology
Brandon Purrington, Director

About the Department:
The Information Technology department is made up of a team of professionals from application development/support to network infrastructure and vendor management.  Our team provides best-in-class service to all Potter County employees, including law enforcement, corrections, courts, prosecution offices, tax office, elections, Fire/Rescue, and road/bridge maintenance.  Our goal is to make technology boringly predictable for our customers/business partners and to make their work as easy and efficient as possible.

Project Roadmap
For projects that are being developed and deployed to save time and dollars for our stakeholders, view our current Information Technology Roadmap (updated July 2013) by clicking here.  

Internship Program
For information on our Internship Program, please email internships@mypottercounty.com.

Current Projects
Electronic Case Submission for District and County Attorneys
Video Arraignment for Potter County and Neighboring Jurisdictions
Online Video of Public Meetings
Revamped County Website
VMware Virtual Desktops
Wireless/Paperless Access for District Courts
Internship Program

Contact Information
Brandon Purrington, Director of Information Technology
900 South Polk, Suite 614
Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone: (806) 349-4850
Email: BrandonPurrington@mypottercounty.com
Technical Support: helpdesk@mypottercounty.com